Affirmations For New Moms

Motherhood. It’s a beautiful, magical thing. It’s also a very stressful time where mothers can be filled with self-doubt and feel the weight of an unbearable amount of pressure. You’re now responsible for a whole tiny little human being that depends on you for everything. Affirmations for new moms can be very helpful to achieve a positive mindset toward motherhood.

And sometimes that can overwhelm you, and it can be easy to get lost in these negative emotions which can rob you of getting the chance to truly experience that previously mentioned beauty and magic.

Affirmations For New Moms

This is why it is so important that new moms use positive affirmations to remind themselves of all the amazing things they are doing as new mamas.

Don’t let yourself get trapped worrying if you are enough. Of course, you’re enough.

And you’re doing a fantastic job and you deserve to be proud of all that you are doing to raise your baby boy or girl. 

So here are some positive affirmations for all you new baby moms out there! 

Affirmations For New Moms

For Those Difficult First Weeks

  1. My Body Is Incredible And Has Brought A Beautiful New Life Into The World – Now, more than ever thanks to social media, there is so much pressure to make sure your body bounces back from pregnancy straight away. And this can really leave new moms thinking very negatively of their bodies. But think of all your body has done. It has carried a child. Be kind to your body. 
  2. I Am Allowed To Struggle. Not Loving Every Moment Doesn’t Make Me A Bad Mom – So many new mothers (see also ‘Motherhood Affirmation Cards‘) feel guilty for not loving every single second of having a newborn. This is so normal. You’re low on sleep and looking after a baby is very stressful. You are not alone here, everybody has moments where it’s too much. You’re a wonderful mother. 
  3. I Am Qualified To Know What My Baby Needs And I Trust My Maternal Instincts – In the beginning, you’ll find so many people trying to tell you exactly how to do things. It can make you second guess yourself, but you are the baby’s mother and you can trust your own intuition with your own child. 
  4. Even Though I Feel Overwhelmed I Know I Am More Than Capable – Becoming a mom can feel like a lot, and feeling overwhelmed may leave you guessing about your abilities as a mother. You can do this – and you are doing it. Don’t be so hard on yourself. 
  5. My Baby Doesn’t Need Me To Be Perfect As Long As I Am Giving It  My Best – No mother is perfect, no matter what they say. We make mistakes along the way, it’s a learning curve. As long as you are giving it your all, you can be proud of yourself. 

To Get You Through The Day

  1. The Difficulties I Face Today Only Make Me A Stronger Mother Tomorrow – We grow and we learn from the difficulties we face. And while it may be hard today, you will come out the other side even stronger. 
  2. It Is Okay To Take It One Moment At A Time – Looking at the whole picture can be too overwhelming, there is nothing wrong with taking each moment as it comes. Deal with the next issue as it arises. You don’t need to always be doing everything at once. 
  3. Every Moment With My Child Is Precious. I Deserve To Take The Time To Cherish It – As a new mom, you may feel like you should be doing a million things at once, and you may even feel guilty to just sit down and bond with your baby. Don’t. These are important moments that you deserve to enjoy without being distracted by worry. 
  4. I Am My Childs’ Biggest Comfort And That Is More Important Than What I Or My Home Looks Like – Please don’t spend your time worrying about your looks or the presentation of your home. All that matters right now is you and your baby. So what if the house has been cleaner? Your role as a mother comes first and you’re doing a fantastic job!
  5. My Day Is Filled With Limitless Potential For Joy, Happiness, And Love – Don’t wake up in the morning and dread the stressful parts of your day. Wake up ready for those special moments, trust me they’ll be grown in the blink of an eye. 

For Moms Who Struggle To Ask For Help

  1. Taking Care Of Myself Helps Me To Be A Better Mother – On an airplane, you’re always told to tend to yourself before you tend to others. And that’s because you can’t care for others when you are in peril yourself. It’s not selfish to care for yourself too. 
  2. Asking For Help Does NOT Mean I Am Failing As A MotherAsking for help does not make you weak. In fact, help will strengthen your mothering abilities. And those who love you will want to help you. There is no judgment in needing a hand. 
  3. I Will Not Lose Myself To Motherhood, I Will Embrace Both The Old And The New – While you can’t ignore that becoming a mother will change your life, it does not mean that your old life has to die off completely. It is not selfish or wrong to still want things that bring you happiness. 
  4. I Have People Who Love Me And Will Never See Me As A Burden – It can be hard to ask for help because you don’t want to put others out. But those who truly love you want to see you succeed and will help you to do so, in all aspects of your life.
  5. It’s Okay If I Can’t Do Everything Alone – There is so much pressure on new moms to be perfect, that you may not want to show any cracks. But there is physically only so much one person can do. Everyone needs help, so never feel like you can’t reach out. 

Final Thoughts

These positive affirmations can help self-conscious mothers really grow their confidence.

Every new mom feels like they have no clue what they are doing and those feelings that you feel nervous, ashamed, or worried about.

Guess what? Every mom on the planet has felt them too. You’re doing a perfect job! Be proud of yourself and everything that you do!


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