Motherhood Affirmation Cards

Motherhood can be a difficult time, but it’s all worth it for the immense reward of raising your children. However, it can be particularly difficult for new mothers, because it’s a new experience. To get used to it, you need help. One of the best things to help you through the various ups and downs are motherhood affirmation cards. These are cards that have positive messages on them, which you repeat to yourself.

You can right-click on the image at the bottom of the post so you can have a copy of the motherhood affirmation cards to hang on your bathroom mirror or bedroom wall. You are enough!

They can calm you in your new motherhood role, and help you find the strength to push through the more stressful moments.

In our handy article below, we’re going to be looking at motherhood affirmation cards and how they can help you in your new journey into motherhood.

The cards will not only help you, but also your child, because you’ll be able to raise them with fewer stresses and worries.

Motherhood Affirmation Cards

My Life Has Improved By Having This Baby

This is a really important message to reaffirm to yourself. Yes, sometimes it might be really tough raising a child. This is particularly the case when they’re really young. 

You’ll have to regularly change their diapers, which can be exhausting and a little bit disgusting, and you’ll have to feed them at the right times.

On top of that, their screaming and crying might wake you up throughout the night, meaning that you don’t get enough sleep.

But it’s all worth it – and it’s important to remember that on a regular basis. 

That’s because the baby will bring unknown love into your life. You may have felt love before, be it in partners, families, or friends, but all those kidneys were different.

It’s difficult to put into words the feeling of love when you look in the eyes of something that you created.

Your baby has a bond to you that it doesn’t have with anybody else – not even the father, because the baby came from you and was connected to you via umbilical cord.

Your life has improved through this love, and will only improve more and more.

I Am A Great Mother

With all the stresses that can come from raising a baby, like the ones we listed above, it can be easy to forget that you’re a great mother (see also ‘Affirmations For New Moms‘).

If your baby is refusing to eat their food, or making a mess and crying all over the place, some of us will subconsciously blame ourselves for it.

After all, if we’re raising the baby, then how the baby behaves must be our fault? This isn’t the case.

Babies are going to be difficult to raise and look after no matter who’s doing the work, and no matter how they’re doing it. The baby being difficult and loud isn’t a reflection on yourself.

You’re doing a great job and you’re a great mother (see also ‘Mother’s Day Affirmations‘), and it’s your own effort and drive to struggle on with things that proves this.

The fact that you don’t give up when things are difficult just goes to show how good of a mother you are. 

I Am Always Learning How to Care for My Child

On a similar note, you might worry that the methods you’re using to take care of your baby are the wrong ones.

Just because the baby has continued to be noisy and loud, does that mean your methods have been wrong? The answer is very likely “no”. 

Of course, it’s important to look after them properly. You need to use a combination of techniques and advice you’ve read about and your own instinct. But you already know that!

Therefore, it’s important to also remember that you’re looking after them properly, and just because you’re not seeing immediate results doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve been doing it wrongly. 

I Accept Help From Others

With that being said, raising a baby cannot be done alone. And that’s okay! Being new to motherhood can be an exhausting process, and you can never be prepared enough.

A big part of it is getting the help of other people. 

Help can come from many different places. Whether this is members of your family, your partner, the baby’s father, friends, or even a babysitter – there are lots of places that you can get help.

Having a helping hand always eases stress and effort, and it’s absolutely essential that you regularly get help from other people. 

You can even join a class for new mothers. Being surrounded by other new mothers who are in the same position will help you a lot.

When we know we’re not alone in this, there’s a lot less pressure.

You can swap motherhood tips with the other mothers, helping encourage each other while learning in the process.

I Am Aware Of My Own Needs

It’s very important, however, to not forget that you are a person. You have your own needs and feelings.

Raising a child is like living for two, because you’re having to look after both yourself and the baby.

Through all the hard work, it can be very easy to entirely focus on the child, and forget about what you actually want.

If you’re ever feeling burnt out, it’s important that you take time for yourself. Rest, relax, and recover.

Raising a baby while you’re burnt out won’t just affect you, but the quality of the care for the baby will be affected too.

In these moments, get other people to help share the load. 

Don’t let your own life fall by the wayside. You still have wants and dreams, and you should still pursue them while looking after your new baby.

Motherhood will be a big part of your life, but it doesn’t have to be the only part – it’s important to remember that!

Final Thoughts

Motherhood can be difficult, but regularly repeating these affirmations to yourself should help ease you through it.

Right click on the image below for your own copy of the motherhood affirmation cards to hang up in your home as a constant reminder.

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