Affirmations For Dads

There’s no denying that fathers play an important role in our lives. Okay, we’re pretty clearly stating the obvious here. Everyone has known that having a father or some other paternal figure in your life is a critical building block for child development. But that can be sometimes hard to completely appreciate at the moment, especially as a kid or a teenager. Having a positive mindset always helps too. Here are affirmations for dads to recognize how awesome they are.

Affirmations For Dads

A lot of what our father figures do for us, whether they are our dads, our uncles, or even an older brother, or someone else in your life, goes into making our lives that much easier.

Whether it is providing for the household, teaching us valuable lessons that will stick with us for the rest of our lives, or simply being there for us to care and be with us when we are needed.

This is why we think Father’s Day, as perhaps a little over-commercialized as it is, is a valuable day to remind us that fathers and paternal figures are important.

If you want to show that you care about your father, think about including one or some of these affirmations for them in their next birthday or Father’s Day card or present.


I am grateful for my children. They are the joys of my life.

I love being a dad. It is the best job in the world.

I am patient, loving, and kind with my children. They deserve nothing less from me.

I am present with my children. I cherish every moment I spend with them.

I am a good role model for my children. I lead by example in everything I do.

I am always there for my children when they need me. I am their rock, their protector.

I offer my wisdom and guidance to my children whenever they need it. I want them to grow up to be happy and successful.

I am grateful for my relationship with my children. They are the loves of my life.

No matter what life throws at us, I will always be there for my children. They are my everything.

I am proud of the people my children are becoming. I am honored to be their father.

I love you, my dear children! Thank you for making me a dad. I cherish our relationship more than you will ever know.

Breaking Down Our Father’s Walls

There may be some people reading this article and wondering why they need to say that we care about our fathers. After all, they must already know that we love them, right?

Well, this is something that we wanted to discuss in the first place.

The fact that so much of men’s feelings, especially those that have not felt that they can emotionally express themselves to many people, go unsaid, is probably one of the reason’s why men’s mental health has become such an issue in the last 20 to 30 years, and why more people want to talk about it now more than ever.

‘Be A Man’

In the past couple of years, there has been a growing call of people that are asking to think about what we define as masculine behavior.

Many people, especially those that want to emulate their father and forefathers before them, often quite being ‘manly’ to be stoic, not expressing outwardly expressing their emotions, no matter how much they feel that they want to, and not allowing themselves to be emotionally available with those people in our lives who are important.

This isn’t to say that it is bad to want to try and stay stoic in tough situations, or to even be emotionally reserved when you want to.

But for many men, this bottling up of all these emotions, this pressure to ‘be a man’ about things, has left some boys and men unable to express themselves in a way that is true to themselves.

Needing to be tough for fear of what you think other men will think of you, has left a lot of dudes struggling with depression, and dark and negative thoughts that do nothing but leave men spiraling without a way out.

And so much of this could be avoided if we simply verbalized how were are feeling, whether it’s letting someone know when they’ve said or done something that has hurt others, or simply letting them know in words that you appreciate and love them.

That’s what these affirmations are for. It is a license to feel and let our father figures know that we love them and that they can express themselves however they want to.

Affirmations for DadsFor You to Say to Dad

Here is a start with simple affirmations for dads:

I am so grateful for my dad. He is an amazing man who always puts his family first.

I love my dad unconditionally. He is the best father I could ever ask for.

My dad is my hero. I admire and respect him more than words can say.

I am proud to be my dad’s daughter/son. He is an incredible role model for me.

I cherish my relationship with my dad. He is a very special person in my life.

My dad always knows how to make me laugh. He is the best medicine for when I’m feeling down.

I am blessed to have my dad in my life. He brings so much happiness into my world.

I am thankful for everything my dad has done for me. He is the reason I am who I am today.

My dad is an amazing provider. He always makes sure that I have everything I need.

I feel safe and loved when I’m with my dad. He is my rock, my protector.

I am grateful for my dad’s wisdom and guidance. He is always there for me when I need him.

No matter what life throws at me, I know my dad will always be there for me. He is my strength, my support.

My dad is the best listener. He always takes the time to hear me out and offer his sage advice.

I am blessed to have such a loving, caring, and supportive dad. He is my everything.

I love you, Dad! Thank you for everything. You are the best father I could ever ask for!

‘I Am Grateful For The Impact Your Presence And Support Has Had In My Life.’

This affirmation is a pretty simple one to understand and something that you should tell your father or paternal figure in your life when you get the opportunity to.

A father that has been around to give you that guidance is a right that not everyone has, unfortunately.

For some, it is also difficult to pick apart the dad jokes from the nuggets of wisdom as well.

Some of the guidance that your father gives only becomes clear once we have left our early childhood, and start applying it out in the world.

If you find yourself feeling this, this affirmation is the kind of words that let your father know that they did their role right.

‘I Appreciate What You Do.’

This is a simple affirmation that anyone can remember.

… Okay, perhaps it is a slightly wordy way of phrasing it. But you get the point.

Just letting your father figure know that you are aware of some of the things they do for you lets them know that you are a thoughtful and considerate person and that they did their role just right.

‘You Intuitively Know What To Do And How To Help. You Trust Your Instincts.’

This one can be hard to gauge, especially if your father is someone that seems to struggle with expressing or articulating themselves.

Still, it can’t be overlooked just how important it is to have a grapple on what to do in ‘the moment’, however that manifests.

You can read as many parenting books as you’d like, but it is a very different kettle of fish to be in to know what the best thing to do in a high-stress scenario is.

Often, those situations rely on trusting your gut, even if what you consciously know doesn’t add up.

‘I Am Beyond Grateful That I Can Look To You And Feel Safe. You Have Always Provided Me With A Sense Of Security And Safety That No Material Good Could Have Or Ever Will Offer Me.’

This is a summation of what we have talked about. It is acknowledging that your father does so much for you, so let them know that you know that.


These sorts of things will let your paternal figure know that you know their worth as parents (see also ‘Motherhood Affirmation Cards‘). And they are worth so much.


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