Parenting Affirmations

When it comes to being a parent, one of the most important things that you can do is keep a positive outlook. Parenting is tough enough without adding negativity into the mix. That’s where positive parenting affirmations come in. Parenting affirmations are positive statements that you can say to yourself (or out loud) to help …

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Body Positive Affirmations

A list of the best body positive affirmations to help you develop and maintain a good relationship with your body.

Do you look at your body and feel disgusted or sad? Perhaps you are overwhelmed by unrealistic expectations put on you by the media and you think your body isn’t good enough. Have you ever tried using body positive affirmations? Feeling negative about your body is exhausting and can be very upsetting. It can also …

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Positive Affirmations For Work

Positive affirmations for work are a really useful way to increase your happiness and confidence in the workplace.

If you’re having trouble balancing the numerous components of your everyday life – such as daycare, homeschooling, conference calls, and project deadlines, you might be seeking strategies to regain some control over your daily work life. You may find positive affirmations for work helpful. Positive sentiments or mantras are stated aloud or written down as affirmations. …

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Self-Confidence Positive Affirmations

Find out more about self confidence positive affirmations and how you can see your self-confidence improve by practicing affirmations daily.

Self-confidence is something that a lot of people struggle with, and lots of solutions for improving self-confidence often do not work very well. However, there is a way that you can begin to improve your self-confidence, and that is through using self-confidence positive affirmations.  Using positive affirmations to help improve your self-confidence is very effective, …

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Positive Morning Affirmations

Find out more about positive morning affirmations and how they can be beneficial to your mental health by ReflectAffirm

Affirmations are very popular and helpful for mental health as they are very uplifting and positive. By using positive morning affirmations, people find that they begin the day in a positive mindset that is then carried throughout the day. Affirmations can help your brain to remain positive and get into a routine of beginning the …

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Healing Affirmations

A useful list of the best healing affirmations to use to encourage healing of your body, mind and soul so that you can feel your best

It is easy for people to underestimate the power that the mind has over the body, and the strength of the connection between body and mind. Two patients with the same condition can recover at entirely different rates – this is partly down to genetics but can also be down to mental resilience and determination.  …

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Self-Love Affirmations

A list of the best self-love affirmations to use to manifest self-love to help you feel more positive about yourself

Are you feeling under-confident? Do you find it difficult to love yourself, or see yourself in a positive light? Self-love affirmations can help you to change your thinking. Battling with negative thoughts can be difficult especially if you cannot rely on the people around you to help boost your confidence and self-esteem. One of the …

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