Motherhood Affirmations

Positive affirmations help you to rewire your brain, replacing negative words with their positive opposites. As these positive affirmations come to prominence, it’s easier to recognize your strengths and uncover your power. Mothers are particularly vulnerable to critical negative thoughts, as this hard job can often leave you feeling alone. Motherhood affirmations provide support in low moments, and remind you that you are doing a good job for your children.

Motherhood Affirmations

What Are Motherhood Affirmations?

Discover how to use motherhood affirmations, and some positive examples, here. 

Affirmations are positive thoughts and mantras that are used to overcome negative thoughts.

Motherhood affirmations target the negative thoughts that often come from the challenges of being a mother: am I good enough? Are my children happy? 

By using positive affirmations, mothers (see also ‘Mother’s Day Affirmations‘) can remind themselves that they are doing a good job, even when things seem particularly hard.

Motherhood affirmations can inspire you, support you, and help you to replace those negative thoughts with positive ones.

They remind mothers that it’s hard for everyone, and that they aren’t alone.

When you’re feeling exhausted, motherhood affirmations might not rejuvenate you, but they can support you, and remind you that this is a passing feeling.

How To Incorporate Motherhood Affirmations Into Your Life

Affirmations only work when we make an effort to incorporate them into our lives.

For mothers, finding the time and energy to focus on positive thoughts can be an uphill battle. However, it gets easier the more you do it. 

Learn To Notice Negative Thoughts

There tends to be very few quiet moments when raising children, and this includes inside your head! With so many things to think about, negative thoughts can take hold. 

When you’re feeling bad, or low, take a minute to consider your mindset. Are negative affirmations causing issues?

By recognizing when negative affirmations are in control, you can replace them with positive affirmations. 

Wake Up With Affirmations

The thoughts we wake up with can transform our entire day. Wake up to a head full of negative thoughts, and you can often expect a bad day. 

Write down your positive affirmations, and leave them in places you can see them. The bathroom mirror is a good choice, and let’s not forget the coffee point. 

Take a few moments when you get ready in the morning. Make eye contact with yourself in the mirror, and repeat affirmations.

Write Down Affirmations

It can be hard to get a quiet moment as a mother, but when you do have some you-time, write down a few positive affirmations in a notebook.

Writing things down often forces us to really consider what we’re saying, and reinforce the message. 

When you have a little more time, make these affirmations colorful and beautiful.

Either decorate them by hand, or use pre-made affirmations that appeal to you.

An eye-catching affirmation will force you to take notice, and also support the happy connotations in your mind.

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat!

Affirmations don’t have to be serious words for still moments. Moms don’t get many quiet moments, so affirmations have to come throughout the day.

When you’re getting ready, when you’re doing the shopping, when you’re picking the kids up — add some positive affirmations. 

The more you say them, the more these positive affirmations will impact your life, and replace the negative thoughts.

Consistent reputation will mean you don’t have to make an effort to remember your affirmations. In times of need, they’ll come to you easily.

Giving Motherhood Affirmations To Others

Everyone needs positive support in their life, and this is especially true for mothers.

Mothers, particularly new mothers, will spend much of their day alone with their children. And when your child has a bad day, it can feel like it’s your fault.

Replacing negative thoughts often feels like a battle: pitting negative against positive. Having good thoughts backed up by others can help them win the fight.

Receiving positive affirmations from others can help to reinforce the underlying message of the mantra.

Take a moment in your conversations to incorporate positive affirmations. It doesn’t have to be a big moment — just a simple acknowledgment.

Pay attention to their reaction to your affirmation. Not everyone will respond in the same way.

Affirmations that help you might not have the same impact on another person. Consider their reaction, and adjust your approach accordingly.

Examples Of Motherhood Affirmations

Motherhood affirmations take negative thoughts and replace them with positives.

Although it might feel a little awkward to say these things at first, over time, positive affirmations will come easily.

Here are some examples to get you started:

  1. I am growing and learning.
  2. Taking time for myself makes me a better mother.
  3. I am doing my best for my children and myself, and that’s enough.
  4. Today, I will have fun with my children.
  5. I deserve time to relax.
  6. I am enough for my children.
  7. I fill my home with love.
  8. I am loving, and my children are fortunate to have me.
  9. I have a strong bond with my children,
  10. There is more to who I am than motherhood.
  11. I am grateful for the time I get to spend with my children.
  12. I am human, and I will let go of unrealistic expectations. 
  13. I trust my instincts as a mother. 
  14. I am growing as a mother every day.
  15. I am a role model for my children. 
  16. I am getting stronger every day.
  17. I will ask for help if I need it.
  18. The choices of other mothers don’t affect me.
  19. I am important, and I need personal boundaries.
  20. Yesterday’s mistakes will not affect me today. 
  21. My children love me as I am.
  22. I embrace today.
  23. I give my children love and attention, which they need more than material goods. 
  24. I am brave for trying, even when things seem difficult. 

Final Thoughts

By repeating and focusing on your affirmations, these positive thoughts will start to come easily. Motherhood is tough, and it often feels like hard work.

Positive affirmations can remind you that the work is worth it, and that you are a good mom.


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