Best Friend Affirmations

What is life without a circle of good friends?

There is no point to any experience if you don’t have someone to share them with.

Best friends are like stars, no two are exactly the same but they shine brightest in the darkest times and guide you to exactly where you need to be.

You get to share laughter, joy, and happiness with them, but they are also there for you through your heartbreak, sorrow, and grief.

Best Friend Affirmations

I wouldn’t be where I am in my life without my best friend, she is the highlight of all of my most fun memories, and my confidant through tougher times.

She always has my back but will still always tell me when I’m wrong.

Everyone needs someone like that in their life, and for full satisfaction, you need to be that for someone else too. 

Here are some positive best friend affirmations to help you stay positive and remind yourself of the value of strong lasting friendships. 

20 Best Friend Affirmations

  1. My Best Friends Make Me Feel Safe And Heard – Never lose gratitude for a person who will always let you express yourself without judgement. Not everybody has that. 
  2. My Friends Make Me Laugh And I Bring Them Happiness Too – Laughter is the best medicine and you should always appreciate anyone who brings joy into your life. 
  3. My Best Friend Is Great Company And They Enjoy Mine Too – Company is always taken for granted until its no longer there. Loneliness is an inescapable emotion. Be thankful you have someone to share your life with. 
  4. My Best Friend Is Beautiful Inside And Out And So Am I – Two people who care for each other more than themselves can only ever be described as beautiful. It’s something to be proud of. 
  5. My Best Friend And I Always Encourage Each Other – How would you ever reach your maximum potential without support. You do this for each other and you should be grateful for this relationship. 
  6. I’m Ready To Make A Best Friend, And Now I Will Attract The Perfect Best Friend – There is truth and power in the words that you speak. If you want a new bestie, will it to be so. You deserve that bond and its just around the corner. 
  7. I Am Strong Enough To Maintain Meaningful Long Lasting Friendships – Don’t let self-doubt hold you back from close friendships. You are enough. 
  8. I Am Loyal To All Of My Friends, And They All Know This To Be True – The littlest things can be the most important, and loyalty shows a pure heart. Be proud of that. 
  9. Loving Myself Will Help Me To Genuinely Love My Friends – When you don’t love yourself, you will assume that others can’t love you either. And that will hold back the love you give. Love yourself, and your friends too. 
  10. Being Imperfect Doesn’t Make Me Unworthy Of A Best Friend. My Best Friend Isn’t Perfect But I Still Love Them Unconditionally – We put so much pressure on ourselves in ways we never would with others. Be kinder to yourself, like you are to your besie, and they are to you. 
  11. My Best Friend Feels Comfortable To Be Themselves Around Me, As Do I With Them – The truest bonds are those where you feel free to truly be yourself and you should be thankful for relationships where you are always accepted. 
  12. My Best Friend Comforts Me In The Darkest Of Times – This is something to be so grateful for as many people can turn away when things become difficult, but you have someone who is always there for you no matter what. 
  13. I Let My Best Friend Know That They Matter To Me- Be proud of yourself for always allowing your friends to know they are loved. This is a special bond. 
  14. I Deserve Friendships That Benefit Me – It is never selfish to have expectations from your friendships providing you reciprocate these expectations for them. 
  15. I Will Find My Best Friend Soon – If you haven’t found that connection yet, do not lose hope, open yourself up to new people, you never know what bonds you may form. 
  16. My Best Friend Never Lets Me Down – How special is it have someone that never lets you down. Be sure to always be there for them too. 
  17. Having A Best Friend Is The Best Thing Ever – Say this one all the time because it’s so true! 
  18. I Can Be Honest With My Best Friend And They Can Be Honest With Me – Having supportive friends is special, but you really know that the bond is strong and secure when you know you can always trust each other to be honest – even when the truth can be difficult to take. This shows bravery on both sides. 
  19. My Best Friend And I Always Find Something To Talk About – No matter what the conversation is, you and your best friend are always engaged with each other. Whether it’s light and breezy, or more difficult and serious, you are always growing closer with each and every conversation. 
  20. My Best Friend Matches My Energy – This is so important. If you and your best friend can constantly match each others enthusiasm then you know you share reciprocate feelings. 

Final Thoughts

Now, when I first started using these affirmations I felt a little silly, so don’t worry if you do too at first.

But you’ll be surprised at the difference that saying these affirmations will have on your life.

They helped me to identify some of my insecurities and work on them, as well as reminding me that actually, I have the best support system and friend I could ask for.

Repeating these words allows them to sink into your subconscious mind, and even if you don’t truly believe them all at first, that confidence and secure knowledge will come with time and make you sure that they are all true.

Try this out yourself, and watch your self and your friendships (see also ‘Friendship Affirmations‘) flourish.


Friendship Affirmations

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