Affirmations For Friends

Positive Affirmations for Friends

Whether you’re looking to attract new friends, strengthen your existing connections or support your friends through a challenging time, these positive affirmations for friends are here to help.

There are few things in life as rewarding as friendship.

Positive Affirmations For Friends

Through the hard times and the good, having people you can depend on is rewarding and arguably necessary.

So, if you’re ready to support the powerful, confident, and strong people in your life (or draw them in), keep reading for our list of positive affirmations for friends (see also ‘Birthday Affirmations For A Friend‘). 

Why Should You Use Positive Affirmations?

Positive affirmations are positive statements that can be used as a self-help strategy to improve your own self-worth, combat negative talk, and manifest the life you deserve.

Using positive affirmations regularly can rewire your thinking and behavior and help you access a completely new belief system. 

These brief phrases, when repeated persistently, have the potential to change your life.

However, consistency is key, and you should work on repeating your chosen affirmations as often as possible.

Positive affirmations can be used for almost anything, from making new friends, and attracting a new career or partner, to improving your self-confidence. 

Positive Affirmations To Strengthen Current Friendships

If you want to strengthen your current friendships, try out some of our positive affirmations below and see which ones work for you. 

  • I cherish my friendships 
  • I am naturally dependable and supportive
  • I accept my friends as they are 
  • I enjoy spending time with my friends 
  • I am worthy of experiencing healthy friendships 
  • My friends never judge me, and I never judge them 
  • I feel supported by my friends in times of need 
  • I can build stable and strong friendships 
  • I value the connections I have with my friends 
  • I am completely devoted to my friends 
  • My close friends have loved and appreciated me at my worst 
  • I choose to spend time with the people I love the most 
  • I will always give my friends the benefit of the doubt 
  • I love each of my friends unconditionally 
  • My friends are honest people with good intentions 
  • If I maintain a positive mindset, my friendships can get through even the toughest times 
  • My friends give me the space to be my true self 
  • The comfort and support of my friends gives me the strength to be the best version  of myself 
  • I love the positivity my friends share with me 

Affirmations Friends for Support

Do you want to become the most supportive and dependable version of yourself?

If you want to be the support system your good friends deserve, try using these supportive affirmations to help them. 

  • I will always support you and love you 
  • You are enough 
  • I am proud of you and everything you’ve accomplished and overcome 
  • I appreciate your friendship with all of my heart 
  • I am proud to be your friend 
  • You always make me feel safe and supported 
  • I can’t thank you enough for our friendship 
  • Thank you for always being there for me, even when things are hard 
  • You are strong and beautiful 
  • I will always be here to support you 
  • You don’t know how strong you are 
  • I wake up thankful every day that you’re a part of my life

Affirmations To Build Positive Friendships

If you want to build the strongest and healthiest friendships possible, try using some of the affirmations listed below to build inspiring and positive connections. 

  • My friendships are always positive, fulfilling, and stress-free
  • I am my friend’s biggest supporter   
  • My friends are a big part of my life, and I love them all unconditionally 
  • I value how unique all of my friends are, and I cherish the ways we support each other
  • My friends are one of the biggest sources of happiness in my life 
  • The affection, support, and love of my friends help make me a better person
  •  I’m worthy enough for my friends to love me 
  • I trust myself, and I trust my friends 
  • The connections I have with my friends are deep and meaningful 
  • I’m loyal to my friends, and they’re loyal to me 
  • My friends will be there for me whenever I need them 
  • I deserve to be surrounded by people who love me and support me 
  • I am worthy enough to develop and maintain lifelong friendships 
  • I am able to set healthy and balanced boundaries 
  • I feel confident and happy in myself 
  • I value the connection and companionship of all my friends 
  • My friends empower me, and I empower them 
  • I’m always striving to become a supportive and understanding friend 
  • I’m not always perfect, and neither are my friends, but we love and support each other no matter what 
  • When I love myself completely, I can love my friends unconditionally too 
  • My friends are beautiful people 
  • I can trust my friends completely 
  • I only choose the most positive, honest, and supportive people to be my friends 
  • I’m always open to making new friends
  • I have the power to remove toxic people from my circle 
  • I trust myself to pour my energy into the right friendships 
  • The friends I have represent my own positive qualities or what I aspire to be 
  • I always give my friends the space they need to be themselves 
  • My friends comfort me in my darkest times and share my happiness in the good times 
  • My circle of loyal and dependable friends will continue to expand 
  • I always let my friend know how much they mean to me 
  • The people I make friends with are like-minded, and we want the best for each other 

Affirmations Friends – The Bottom Line

Friendships come and go, but the ones that stay are worth their weight in gold. 

When we attract friends that love and support us unconditionally, we should work hard to maintain those connections, and positive affirmations are one way we can practice and feel our gratitude. 

Whether you want to attract more meaningful friendships, strengthen your existing connections, or support your friends through challenging times, try using some of our positive affirmations to bring a new sense of joy into your life.


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