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I love waking up every morning knowing that today is going be different from yesterday! Every day presents new opportunities- some great, others challenging – but no matter how many times you fall down, there are ALWAYS more chances ahead if we’re ready and willing enough as long as we never give up! Keeping a positive mindset can help tremendously as you tackle a new day. This positive affirmations audio mp3 free download can help you get started today to unlock your true potential.

Affirmations make us believe in ourselves and our goals. The words we say out loud give a sense of hope that what we want will succeed, so the next time you’re feeling lost or doubtful about yourself, use these positive affirmations to help you gather the courage to speak your truth.

How to Use the Positive Affirmations mp3

These positive and powerful affirmations are a great way of reminding ourselves that we have the power to manifest our dreams. When you verbally affirm your words, it will empower you with the confidence that they’ll become reality.

You can simply hit play on your favorite device like your phone or tablet to listen. Repeat the affirmations in your head or out loud.

Below are the statements included in the beautiful and powerful positive affirmations mp3 free download. You can download your Positive Affirmations Audio mp3 Free Download at the bottom of the post.

Positive Affirmations Audio mp3 Free Download Statements

I know I’m in the right place at the right time, doing what’s necessary to get it done.

I face today with a new purpose.

I have strength in my heart and clarity in mind to better myself for the future.

I am energized and ready to tackle the day.

I never miss an opportunity because I know that the universe is constantly throwing me opportunities to do what’s best for my life and future.

I’m all set up to be a great human being!

I don’t have anything holding me back from living out my dreams and doing what’s right for myself.

I’ve never felt better about who I am, so it doesn’t matter if the world is against me because no one can bring down this positive vibe that I own.

I am a hard working individual who has the ability to be extremely successful.

I am at peace with myself and the world.

I am a bright, shining light.

I have infinite potential and endless talents to tap into today.

I have been given endless talents, which I will use to change the world.

My relationships have become stronger, deeper and more stable each day.

I communicate with mutual understanding of one another’s needs.

I’m filled with a sense of creativity and am able to think up brilliant new ideas.

I try to focus on what I have and not the things that are out of my control.

Every day is filled with opportunities for happiness.

My desire to succeed is boundless.

I am unstoppable and my potential for success will be too.

I’ve gone through some tough times, but I know that the power within me is limitless.

There are no limits to what my potential for success could be!

I know that I can do anything.

When faced with an obstacle, it’s a good reminder to keep my head up and carry on!

I am always brave and I do not back down.

I stand up for myself.

I am proud of the person I have become, and all that has come with it.

My thoughts are filled with positivity because my life is full of blessings.

I am filled with joy as I wake up each day and smile at myself in the mirror.

My future is looking bright, my thoughts are full of positivity, and there’s no doubt that I will be successful because everything has been going so well!

I am a new person today as I take up habits to help me live my best life.

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I am so excited to share my gifts and talents with the world.

I have what it takes to become a successful person; all that matters is picking which path resonates most strongly.

I know that I am a valuable human being, and it’s showing in every aspect of my life.

I bask in the feelings of love and acceptance I experience from others.

Each day brings new opportunities to explore, learn about myself, and grow as a person; every moment inspires me with limitless potential for success.

My confidence is soaring!

I explore my life and look for the positive that can come out of anything, even if it is hard to see.

I am grateful for all experiences in this moment because I know they are happening so something good will happen later on down the road.

I have never been more excited about the future and what it holds.

I have a sense of calm and confidence in the future.

I have a blank canvas and I take my first brushstroke today.

Want more mp3 Affirmations?

The world is a negative place. It’s easy to get caught up in the cycle of negativity and forget about your true potential.

Affirmations are an important part of self-improvement, but it can be hard to find quality affirmations that resonate with you personally. Most people don’t have time to read long books or listen to hours of audio every day, which means they never realize their full potential.

Reflect Affirm provides short positive affirmations that will help you reach your goals faster than ever before! By listening to our simple audio affirmations, you’ll start building the habits necessary for success while still fitting into your busy schedule. These audio affirmations may help you change your life for the better.

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