What To Say When You Talk To Yourself

Words have the power to change lives. Not just the lives of others when we speak to them, but also our own lives. It is important to be conscious of what to say when you talk to yourself. You can download a FREE ebook at the bottom of the post to work on fixing your negative thinking.

Before we can support others in the right way, we need to ensure that our own inner self is strong enough.

The way we see ourselves in this world is a reflection of how we perceive ourselves internally, and this often begins with our inner dialogue.

In this article, we explore why self-talk is so important, and what you can say when you talk to yourself.

What To Say When You Talk To Yourself?

What Is Self-Talk?

Whether you call it self-talk or inner dialogue, there are many ways you can describe the innermost thoughts, feelings and beliefs in the moments when we are conscious.

The manner in which we talk to our inner selves is important because it is a reflection of how we feel about the things in our lives, how we feel we are perceived by others, and ultimately how we react to the world around us.

A number of different studies looked at why our inner dialogue is essential at different times of our lives.

It does not just make us feel happier but it can also boost our performance during our workout, at work or anywhere else where we need to feel strong.

This means that our inner dialogue affects the success rate in our lives as well as the goals we aim to achieve.

Our upbringing can significantly shape how we perceive the world around us from an early age, all through adulthood.

It has been proven that children who grew up in a toxic environment often develop negative self-talk, while children who grew up in a loving home will develop kinder self-talk throughout their lives.

But it isn’t just about our earliest experiences. Also society influences our perceptions of others and ourselves as we go through our adult life.

Society typically defines what is success, beauty and even happiness itself. As human beings, we are social creatures, and we instinctively want to conform with the social rules.

However, we quickly find ourselves limited or squeezed into a box where we do not feel comfortable, and then we develop critical self-talk.

These experiences shape our inner dialogue all our lives, so it is important to remember that positive self-talk is what helps us most as individuals.

What To Say When You Talk To Yourself

You may not be entirely sure what to say to yourself because you might find yourself thinking about so many other things in your life.

It’s a good idea to take a few moments and read through our brief list of kind affirmations. They are gentle reminders that you are important, and that your wellbeing matters.

“I’m Responsible For My Life”

Often when we didn’t achieve our goals, we end up whining and complaining to ourselves. Try to tell yourself in these moments that you are responsible for yourself.

You are in control of your life, and although you may  not be able to control everything, you can manage your reaction to an event.

“I Am Strong Enough”

It is inevitable that we learn that life hurts. There are some challenges in life that sometimes seem impossible to get through, but you can tell yourself to stay strong.

A little reminder that you have the strength to go through with this can go a long way.

“I Believe In You”

It is just natural that you will not always succeed in everything you do, and that is fine. You learn from your mistakes, and you received an important lesson. 

Failing sometimes does not mean that you will always fail, so it is important that you ensure yourself that you have the power to succeed.

“It Doesn’t Hurt If I Try”

There are so many things we miss out in life because we never tried it. But instead of convincing yourself that you shouldn’t do it, why not try to tell yourself that you have nothing to lose?

After all, you will know that you gave it your best shot, and it taught you a great lesson.

“I Am Loved”

You may find that you continually feel rejected, or you tell yourself that you are not good enough, but you are wrong! You are loved! 

It isn’t about how many people you have in your life, but the quality of friends and family in your environment.

You will find that you are so much more loved than you may think in this moment.

“I’m Going After What I Want”

Your life is exactly that: Yours. You should never apologize for the way you live your life. Make sure that you remind yourself of this now and then, and then go after what you want.

Even if you regret your choice later, you will always know that it felt absolutely right in the moment.

“I Am Capable”

Sometimes you may not feel like you are right for a task. Remember that many heroes in the most famous novels also never feel that they are up for a challenge, but they emerge brighter and stronger.

Remind yourself that you are capable of anything that you set your mind to.

“I’m Allowed To Speak Up”

Everyone’s voice matters! We all live on the same planet, and we all have an equal voice. If something is important to you, then tell yourself that your voice is important.

Speak up and say what you believe.

“I Am Making A Difference”

Making a difference often starts with very small things, and you do not have to change the world. You can make even a very small difference in your own life now.

Praise yourself for your successes and know that you are learning every day.


Always remember that it can be very easy to follow an automated, negative script in your head, but that does not make you happier. 

We hope our positive affirmations help you to turn negative thoughts into life-changing events that will make you feel more confident and fulfilled.




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