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Are you looking for a way to increase your positive energy and keep a positive outlook during your pregnancy? If so, you may want to try using birth affirmations. Birth affirmations are positive statements that you can recite during childbirth to help keep you focused and motivated. They are a great way to set an intention for your birth experience and can help you stay empowered throughout your labor pain. Whether you are having a natural birth or a cesarean section these printable birth affirmations can be a powerful way to help. You can find lots of different birth affirmations online, or create your own. At the bottom of this post, you can get access to the free birth affirmations printable specifically tailored for pregnant women.

Simply print out the sheet and hang it somewhere where you will see it regularly, such as near your bed for a home birth, or in your birthing space and the delivery room. When you feel overwhelmed or stressed, take a few minutes to read.

What Are Positive Birth Affirmations?

Expecting mothers often have a lot of anxiety and worry leading up to their due date. Will the birth go smoothly? Will they be able to handle the pain? What if something goes wrong? What will be my birth story? Will I be able to have an unmedicated birth? These are all perfectly normal concerns. A great way to combat these negative thoughts is through positive birth affirmations.

Positive birth affirmations are positive statements that help to reframe your thinking around childbirth. For example, instead of thinking “I can’t do this,” you would tell yourself “I am strong and capable.” These affirmations can help to ease anxiety and encourage a positive outlook.

Additionally, research has shown that positive thinking can actually lead to better outcomes during childbirth. So if you’re feeling anxious about your upcoming delivery, try repeating some positive birth affirmations to yourself. It could make all the difference.

How are They a Powerful Tool for Your Subconscious Mind?

Birth affirmations are positive affirmations that are repeated to oneself before or during childbirth. It is a modified form of self-hypnosis, intended to focus the birth mother’s attention on relaxing and staying positive throughout labor. Birth affirmations have been used for centuries and may be an effective tool in managing pain and promoting relaxation during childbirth.

In addition to helping the birth mother manage pain and stay calm, birth affirmations can also be helpful in changing negative thoughts and beliefs about childbirth.

By repeating positive statements about the birth process, the birth mother can begin to change her perception of childbirth, making it more positive overall. Ultimately, birth affirmations can be a powerful tool for both the birth mother and child, helping to create a more positive birth experience.

The Best Way to Use Positive Affirmations for a Powerful Birth Experience

Positive affirmations are powerful statements that can help you to manifest your desires. When it comes to birth, affirmations can be used to visualize a positive and powerful experience.

As a mother of six children, I can tell you that birth is an intense and emotional time, so having a few powerful affirmations up your sleeve can help you to stay focused and grounded. Laboring and delivering a baby is by far the best experience of my whole entire life.

Make sure you print these birth affirmations printables at the bottom of the post. Toss them in your hospital bag, hang them around the birth center or your house while you labor at home. These printable birth affirmation cards would be a great addition to a baby shower gift for first time moms.

Having these visual reminders during childbirth will help you to remain calm and sustain positive thoughts.

Using positive affirmations during labor can help you to stay calm and focused, whilst also attracting positive energy into your birth space. If you’re looking for a powerful birth experience, start using positive affirmations today!

Positive Birth Affirmation Cards or Birth Mantras for Any Type of Birth

Here is a list of my favorite birth affirmations. Remember, you need to choose your own birth affirmations that are meaningful for you whether it is going to be natural childbirth or a c-section. You can access these printable birthing affirmations at the bottom of the post. There are 8 positive statements on the birth affirmations printable.

❤️ I am surrounded by love and support.

❤️ I am strong and in control of my body and my labor.

❤️ I am confident in my ability to birth my baby safely and powerfully.

❤️ I can visualize my beautiful baby entering this world.

❤️ I trust my body to know how to birth my baby perfectly.

❤️ I am excited to meet my baby.

❤️ I am grateful for this beautiful experience.

❤️ I am excited to meet my baby.

❤️ I am surrounded by an army of loving and supportive people.

❤️ I can do this!

❤️ Each breath in my body brings my baby closer to me.

❤️ I am confident in my abilities as a mother.

❤️ I trust my instincts.

❤️ I have the mental strength for this birthing process.

❤️ My confident thoughts will help me get through the difficult parts of labor.

❤️ I take deep breaths and I am calm.

❤️ I trust in myself and my baby trusts me.

❤️ I am capable of birthing my baby however that may be accomplished.

❤️ I am patient and excited to meet my baby.

❤️ I relax and remain calm.

❤️ My body is made to give birth.

❤️ My baby is beautiful and ready to be born.

❤️ My body knows how to birth my baby.

❤️ I allow my body to do what it was made to do.

❤️ Inhale strength, exhale fear.

❤️ I am not afraid.

❤️ I am excited and grateful for this experience.

❤️ I cherish this moment and I am present.

❤️ Breathe in love, breathe out pain.

❤️ My baby is coming closer with each breath I take.

❤️ Courage, faith, excitement, and pure joy are feelings I have about the birth of my baby.

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