Positive Affirmations Before Bed

If you have trouble falling asleep, then it’s time to try these positive affirmations before bed. You will let your worries go from the day and focus on the silence of the night to let your mind be at peace before bed.

They’ll help you train your brain and body to relax and fall into a drowsy state faster. Saying positive things to yourself makes a huge difference in your well-being and helps you to get a peaceful night’s rest.

While there are a number of approaches you can take in order to ensure you’re getting a better night’s rest each and every night, perhaps one of the easiest to try is positive affirmations before bed. Find a quiet place to read and reflect with the My Mind is at Peace affirmation or download this guided audio mediation for sleep.

My Mind is at peace before bed.

During a chaotic or busy day, it is difficult to think clearly. But at night, in the stillness, I gain insights. I see answers to my challenges when I relax peacefully with the quietness. I make plans for the following day and my future. In the silence of the night, my mind is at peace before bed.

When I listen to the silence, I am alone in my thoughts. I make smart decisions because I am locked away from outside influences.

My own voice can be heard more when I give it space and stillness to be expressive. Calming, positive, thoughts will fill my dreams. I let my worries go. My mind and body relax. I deserve a good night’s rest.

My quiet moments are accompanied by comfort so that I feel relaxed. I cover myself in a warm blanket to encourage free thought.

When I am alone in the quiet, I paint a picture of what my future holds. Uncertainty has little room to influence the vision that I see. I feel powerful when I secure myself in a space that is silent and warm.

I have done enough for day. I love myself and welcome a restful sleep. Tomorrow will be even better.

Today, silence brings loud echoes of endless possibilities for tomorrow. I look forward to nights of stillness that produce wonderful ideas. My visions are realized when I take the time to listen to myself think. My mind is at peace before bed.

Self-Reflection Questions after the Positive Affirmations Before Bed:

How do I center myself once I am in my quiet place?

Name one action step to help me clear my mind during the daytime.

What can I do to avoid dwelling on negative thoughts at night?

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