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I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “happiness is a choice.” It’s not always easy to make that choice, especially when life gets tough. But what if every day we could make a conscious decision to do one thing that would enhance our happiness? Take a listen below to the happiness and how to get it audio. This information about the habits of happiness audio can be downloaded for FREE at the bottom of the post.

Everyone wants to be happy. Even animals are instinctively driven toward comfort and away from discomfort. Of course, you want to be happy, but what if being happy is simpler than you think?

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10 Habits of Happiness – Audio Listen Above

There are many simple and easy things you can do each day that will increase the odds of feeling happy. You’ll enjoy doing them! They’re self-rewarding behaviors.

  1. Listen to music that you love. There aren’t many things that can influence your emotions faster than hearing a song that you love. You can find just about any song you please online for free these days. Set aside a few minutes each day to listen to a song or two that boosts your mood.

  2. Be grateful. It only takes a moment to think of the good things in your life. You probably have food to eat, a friend or two, or a place to sleep that’s out of the rain. In fact, you probably have more than that. Remind yourself of the good things you have instead of focusing on the things you lack. You can listen to Gratitude Affirmations here.

  3. Spend some time outdoors. Sit in the sun, take a walk, or work in the garden. Your mind, body, and spirit need a little sun and fresh air each day. It can do wonders for your outlook on life.

  4. Think happy thoughts. Your thoughts lead your emotions. If you think about something stressful, you’ll feel stressed. Think about something that makes you happy and you’ll feel happier. What are your happiest memories? There’s no harm in spending a few minutes thinking some happy thoughts!

  5. Set goals and make progress. Studies have shown that one of the most powerful ways to increase happiness is to make progress toward a goal. It could be doing one extra push up, learning a new word in Italian, losing a pound, or learning a new scale on the piano. It doesn’t take a lot of progress to feel good. Start setting small goals today.

  6. Spend time with others. Back in the day, it was hard to find time to spend by yourself, but we’re more isolated these days. We chat with people online, text, and spend a lot of time alone. It’s important to have a meaningful face-to-face conversation once in a while.

  7. Forgive quickly. It’s very challenging to be happy when you’re holding a grudge. Forgive quickly and easily if you want to be happier. That doesn’t mean you have to give the other person another chance. Forgiving someone doesn’t have to include the possibility of a repeat performance.

  8. Be optimistic. An optimistic perspective produces a happier mood than a pessimistic perspective. It’s important to be realistic, too. Foolish optimism might feel good in the moment, but the pain is on its way. Have a hopeful, but reasonable, outlook on life.

  9. Exercise. If you’ve been sitting all day, going for a long walk or a bike ride changes how you feel for the better. Being sedentary is hard on your mood. A little exercise can definitely boost your happiness.

  10. Relax. Relax at least once each day. You could close your eyes and sit in the sun. Meditate. Take a nap. Do a little yoga. It’s up to you. Stress is an obstacle to happiness.

More Help – Affirmations for Happiness

Do you want to develop and maintain a more positive outlook on life? It’s all about making small changes in your day-to-day life, and choosing to be happy. You can get started right away with these audio affirmations about happiness MP3.  Start today working towards a more happy and content life!

You can get started right away with these audio affirmations about happiness MP3.  Start today working towards a more happy and content life!

You don’t need a million dollars, a yacht, or a full-time housekeeper to be happy. A few simple behaviors done on a daily basis can move you closer to feeling happy each day.

What are you prepared to do today to enhance your happiness? Make a plan and add to your positive emotions.

Start Tracking Your Happiness Habits Today

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Build better habits that lead to personal growth and self-improvement with these 80 Printable Habit Trackers from Reflect Affirm.

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