Affirmations For Positive Energy

7 affirmations for positive energy to leave you feeling awake, energized, motivated, confident, empowered and full of positivity.

We all know what it’s like to feel down in the dumps. And this can be furthered by feeling low energy, whether you have a problem with fatigue, or you’re simply just tired. And if it happens to be cold and gray and dark and wet outside as well, you can end up feeling quite negative and lethargic. And if that kinda sounds like you right about now, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got some great affirmations for positive energy coming up that will give you just the pep in your step you need.

Affirmations For Positive Energy

You’ll soon be feeling bright and breezy and ready to take on the world!

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7 Affirmations for Positive Energy

I Love Being Alive

Even when it feels like there’s little to be grateful for, if you’re reading these words now, this means you are alive and awake.

And by simply acknowledging these two things can be enough to energize you, especially if you keep returning to this affirmation throughout the day.

Sure, there are times when your life seems miserable, but this affirmation will turn your attention away from your woes, and toward a basic premise that sets the scene for the rest of your day.

If you tell yourself that you love being alive, this will help you to feel more energized even when carrying out the most ordinary or basic of tasks, like getting dressed or making your way somewhere.

It immediately puts the brakes on whatever might be making you  miserable and instead focuses your mind in a much happier place.

I Wake Up Motivated

If you’re one of those who sets your alarm clock early, just to have those extra precious moments in bed, then this could be the affirmation for you.

We all have things to accomplish throughout the course of the day, even if it’s something as trivial as making the bed, brushing your teeth and getting a bite to eat.

But if you were to start your day with this powerful affirmation, you set a precedent for your attitude for the day, and this becomes reflected in just how productive you are.

It’s perfect not only for making sure you feel awake and alert, but also for getting ready for those tasks that feel that bit more challenging.

You’re totally undaunted and ready for adventure.

No Challenge Is Too Great For Me

We are often faced with challenges, and we all have our precious comfort zones.

But there are few things in this life more fulfilling than stepping outside your comfort zone, and testing the water in more exciting territory.

If you tell yourself that no challenge is too great for you, then you feel that every challenge that comes your way can be overcome.

You can acknowledge the difficulty of the task at hand without feeling daunted or overwhelmed.

And you can start chipping away at it until you achieve things you never thought you could.

Today Is My Day To Shine

If yesterday was a bad day, that has nothing to do with today. You go to bed at night, get some shut-eye, and when you wake up it’s a brand-new day.

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You can leave yesterday’s woes behind you and start afresh all over again.

And you can take this feeling a step further, and tell yourself that today is your day, that you’re going to grab the day by the horns and show it who’s in charge.

Make today the day that you show the world just what you’re capable of.

I Radiate Confidence

The key to most tasks in life is to feel confident, and the way to feel confident is to be confident.

And the key to using this affirmation is to think about what makes you feel confident, like your accomplishments and talents, and use this feeling as a base to start off from.

Then strike a confident pose with perfect posture and your head held high.

Now, you can proceed to visualize confidence radiating from your core. Do this, and you’ll be radiating confidence.

I Am In The Right Place, At The Right Time

Sometimes, all you really need is to trust that the universe has a plan for you.

We’re not always where we want to be in life. You may have a goal that you’ve not achieved, or you may be dealing with a horrible loss.

But you can often find great comfort in the idea that you’re in the right place at the right time.

Watch out for synchronicities in your life. Opportunities and other good things that lie in store for you will show up when the time is right for you.

And that time could be now. So, stay alert, always reach for thoughts that feel best, and just grab those opportunities when you see them.

Every Day, In Every Way, My Life Is Getting Better And Better

The great thing about this affirmation is that it encourages justification.

You say to yourself that every day your life is getting better and better, and as you carry on with your day, you can reflect on this and think about all the lovely ways in which your life is getting better every single day.

And as you find evidence that corroborates this affirmation, the deeper and more firmly you will believe every word.

Not only does this make the affirmation more effective, but it also sparks an upward spiral of positive energy.

Wrap Up

I’m sure, in these 7 affirmations presented here, you will find one that works for you and gets you feeling fully energized and feeling incredibly positive about what the world has in store.

All being well, these few affirmations will work their magic, and you’ll be feeling great and raring to go, but on a side note – if you try these affirmations out, and you don’t feel like they’re working for you, why not talk this through with someone, like your family doctor.

You may not have a medical problem, but if you don’t ask, you’ll never know.


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