How to Get Motivated to Organize

The benefits of organizing your home and personal life are well-documented. And the science behind it all is quite simple — when you’re organized, you feel good. When you feel good, you improve your quality of life. But how do you get there? Have you ever tried to learn how to get motivated to organize using positive affirmations?

If you’re anything like me, you’ve tried everything to get motivated to tidy up. You start with the best intentions and then slowly slip into procrastination as your home and office space becomes a mess once again. Personally, I am highly unorganized but nothing feels better when than after I take the time to get organized! It is such a sense of accomplishment for me because it is a skill that I am just not that good at. And that’s okay! Using this positive affirmation to stay organized can help.

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Positive Affirmation to Help Learn How to Get Motivated to Organize

Find a quiet place to read and reflect with this positive affirmation – I stay organized.

I am efficient and productive. Putting things in order helps me to take control of my life and reach my goals. I stay organized.

I schedule my time. I identify my top priorities. I set realistic expectations. I break big projects down into smaller steps. I evaluate my standards. I recognize my strengths and limitations.

I clear away clutter. I keep my home and workspaces tidy. I give away things I rarely use. I designate a place for each item and keep it there. I enjoy living in a clear and uncluttered space.

I minimize distractions. I put technology to work for me. I use online calendars and collaboration tools. Every day I am becoming more organized.

I take frequent breaks. Giving myself some downtime renews my energy and sharpens my thinking.

I do one thing at a time. Being fully engaged enhances my performance and deepens my satisfaction.

I live proactively. I take initiative and prepare for challenges. Preventing messes is easier than cleaning up after them.

Today, I accomplish more in less time. I am ready to be more organized now. Staying organized keeps me healthy and happy.

Self-Reflection Questions on Staying Organized:

How does being organized reduce my stress levels?

What can I do to make getting organized more fun?

How can I create boundaries between my office space and my personal space when I work at home?

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