Affirmations about Happiness

Have you heard from others that happiness is a choice? Do you agree? Are you willing to work on developing and maintaining a more positive outlook on life? It’s all about making small changes in your day-to-day life, and choosing to be happy. You can get started right away with these affirmations about happiness.

Positive affirmations are a powerful tool for reprogramming your mind. Once you understand how they work, you can use them to feel happier on a daily basis. You might even learn to experience true happiness!

Find a quiet space to read and reflect with this positive affirmation – I am so happy. If you prefer to listen to this affirmation, Audio Affirmations for Happiness MP3 can help you get started on the path to positive thinking.

You can get started right away with these audio affirmations about happiness MP3.  Start today working towards a more happy and content life!

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Positive Affirmations about Happiness

My life is meaningful and joyful. I am so happy. I choose to pursue peace and happiness each day of my life.

I develop close relationships that are healthy and mutually supportive. I cherish my family and friends. I block out time for my loved ones. I am proactive about scheduling family dinners and weekend outings. I feel understood and cared for.

I slow down. I live mindfully. I focus on the present. I notice the small miracles that happen each day. I savor little pleasures and create beautiful memories. I I see so many positives in my life.

I balance my work and personal life. I do not need to impress others.  I live my life in a way that will keep me happy and content. I make an effort each day to be happy.

I use my strengths and follow my passions. I work on my communication skills and increase my emotional intelligence. I fill my leisure time with rewarding hobbies and activities. I feel happy with myself as a person.

I create the life I desire with my good feelings. My happiness comes from within when I accept each part of myself with love. I choose happiness in this moment and let go of the past.

Today, I am peaceful and content. My world is friendly and warm. My happiness comes from within. I am so happy.

Self-Reflection Questions following the Positive Affirmations about Happiness

What would I tell my childhood self about how to be happy?

Is happiness more like a journey or a destination?

How does technology affect my happiness?

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