Body Positive Affirmations

Do you look at your body and feel disgusted or sad? Perhaps you are overwhelmed by unrealistic expectations put on you by the media and you think your body isn’t good enough. Have you ever tried using body positive affirmations?

Feeling negative about your body is exhausting and can be very upsetting. It can also severely limit your life by impacting what clothes you wear and what activities you feel comfortable taking part in.

It can even prevent you from being intimate with other people.

Body Positive Affirmations

One of the best ways to develop a positive relationship with your body is through body positive affirmations.

They can help to change your perspective and achieve a positive outlook on your body, and other people’s bodies too. 

If you want to start using body positive affirmations then you are in the right place. We have put together this list of the best body positive affirmations for you to use, so keep reading. 

What Are Body Positive Affirmations?

Body positive affirmations are statements that you can say to yours;f which will help you to see your body in a more positive way. They will gradually shift your perspective and improve your body confidence. 

Why Are Body Positive Affirmations So Important?

Body positive affirmations help you to love and accept your body just the way it is. This means that you don’t need to change the way you look in order to achieve a better relationship with your body.

Using these affirmations will change the way you think which will in turn change the way you act. 

Body Positive Affirmations To Say When You Wake Up

These body positive affirmations are perfect for saying every day when you wake up to set up a helpful mindset for the day. If you start the day with a good attitude towards your body it will be easier to maintain. 

  • My body looks after me and I look after my body
  • My body is the home of my soul and my magic
  • I feel at home in my body 
  • My body deserves to be accepted
  • My body deserves to be loved unconditionally
  • My body deserves to be loved my me and by others
  • There is nothing wrong with my body
  • There is no such thing as a perfect body 
  • My body is a gift
  • I am grateful for my body and what it does for me 
  • My body deserves to be treated with respect 
  • I do not need to change anything about my body
  • I love my body just the way it is 
  • I choose to be kind to myself and my body 
  • I choose inner peace and acceptance 

Body Positive Affirmations For When You Are In Front Of A Mirror 

Sometimes you can feel good about your body until you see your own reflection.

If you are trying to build a better relationship with your body, try to spend a few minutes in front of the mirror every day, preferably naked, getting used to what your body looks like. Repeat these affirmations while you are looking at your reflection. 

  • My body is special 
  • My body is beautiful 
  • My body is unique 
  • My individual characteristics are interesting and lovable 
  • I love my hair/eyes/smile (choose something you like about yourself
  • I will learn to love my tummy/stretch marks (choose something you feel self-conscious about)
  • There is nothing wrong with the shape of my body 
  • There is nothing wrong with the texture of my skin 
  • My body is a work of art that deserves to be appreciated 
  • My body is beautiful from every angle 
  • I deserve to feel good about my body 
  • My outward appearance is not related to my personality
  • My self worth and value is not attached to my body 
  • I love who I see in the mirror 
  • I choose self-love and acceptance 

Body Positive Affirmations For When You Feel Overwhelmed By The Media 

Social media, television or magazines can all have a negative impact on the way we feel about our bodies. The media portrays unrealistic standards of beauty and often displays photo-shopped or edited images.

This can leave us feeling inadequate. Try to avoid looking at images that make you feel this way. Use your social media platforms to look at images of lots of different bodies of all shapes and sizes.

This will help you to re-adjust your expectations for your own body. If you find yourself overwhelmed by what you are seeing in the media, try using these affirmations. 

  • I do not need society to accept my body 
  • My body does not need to meet anyone else’s expectations 
  • My body us unique and does not need to be compared to anyone else’s
  • The bodies portrayed in the media are not always real 
  • All bodies are beautiful, including my own body 
  • Bodies come in all shapes and sizes 
  • It is okay if I don’t look like the people on TV
  • I do not need to change my body to look more like someone else
  • My body is good enough 
  • My body deserves to be treated with love and respect 
  • There is no ideal body shape or size 
  • There is no such thing as flawless skin 
  • I choose to love myself and my body 
  • I choose not to idolize celebrities and their bodies 
  • My body is worthy of love and pleasure 

Body Positive Affirmations For When Your Body Has Changed 

There are lots of reasons why your body might change over the years – aging, hormonal changes, childbirth, surgery, weight gain, weight loss, and many more reasons.

For some people, this can cause them to panic or to feel less positive about themselves. These affirmations could help with that. 

  • It is okay to lose weight and/or to gain weight 
  • It is okay if my fluctuates over time 
  • It is okay to buy new clothes so that I feel comfortable 
  • Changes in my body are natural and normal and not a sign of failure 


Using these affirmations regularly will help you to develop a more positive relationship with your body, which can massively improve your life.

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