Self Care Affirmations

When problems arise, are you the first jump in to help even though you might be ridiculously busy yourself? Sometimes we don’t address our own needs before helping others leading to high levels of stress and discontent. Self care affirmations can help you to realize that you need to take care of your own needs before you can be there fully to take care of others.

Self Care Affirmations – I take care of my own needs first.

I ensure that my needs are taken care of, prior to assisting others. I am mindful of my boundaries. I know where I end, and others begin. I see the value in self-care.  I take care of my own needs first.

I am conscious of my personal space. I respect the space of others. I respect my own space.

I protect my feelings and embrace my emotional security. I know that I need to take care of my needs before I can be there fully to take care of others. I honor myself. I honor others. I fill up my own cup first, and then give from the overflow.

I speak my truth in a way that is kind to myself and others. I adopt personal safety practices that feel right for me while also being mindful of others.

I am self-compassionate which leads to compassion for others. I choose the highest good for myself which then, in turn, filters through to become the highest good for others. I know how to balance my needs with the needs of others.

I use kind thoughts toward myself. I am kind to my feelings. The more I understand myself, the more I understand others.

I am honest with myself, which leads to honest relationships with others. I see the beauty within myself, which leads to seeing the beauty in others. I recognize that when I create balance within myself, it is reflected in my relationships with others.

Today, I realize that when I take care of myself first, I have the energy and other resources to take care of others as well.

Self-Reflection Questions following the Self Care Affirmations:

Why is putting my own oxygen mask on first vitally important?

How does setting clear boundaries with others help me?

Where can I practice new boundaries? Home? Work? Friends?

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