How to Have a Healthy Daily Routine

Your daily routine is like your body’s immune system. It shields you from the chaos of the outside world and helps your mind and body function at their best. Maintaining your daily routine is no easy feat in today’s world, but it’s important for building a strong foundation for your lifestyle. Using positive affirmations can be the first step in learning how to have a healthy daily routine.

Most people are familiar with the term “daily routine” or “routine”. But the problem is no one really has one that they follow. They have never sat down and designed a routine that works for them. Follow this process with the How to Create a Successful Daily Routine ebook and workbook to get your started today!

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Positive Affirmation on How to Have a Healthy Daily Routine

Positive affirmations are short; positive “I am” statements that call you into an intentional way of being.  They should be accompanied by a visual image and inspire visceral sensations.   When you use an affirmation, you should experience yourself as you are declaring.

Find a quiet place to read and reflect on this affirmation on creating a healthy routine.

My daily routines keep me healthy.

I make healthy living automatic. My regular routines keep me strong and fit. My daily routines keep me healthy.

I eat a nutritious diet. I start the day with a hearty breakfast. I prepare balanced meals and snacks. I drink water throughout the day.

I exercise regularly. I condition my heart and build my muscles. I engage in a variety of activities I enjoy.

Completing household chores makes me feel accomplished. I make them a part of my regular routine to stay on top of everyday tasks like laundry or dishes.

My routines at work help to be more productive throughout the day.  By creating a systems approach to tasks, I get more work done.

I sleep well. I stick to a regular bedtime that allows me to wake up naturally feeling refreshed and full of energy.

I think happy thoughts. My mind and body are connected. I take comfort in my daily spiritual routines. A positive attitude lifts my spirits.

I develop social support and community. I make spending time with family and friends part of my routine.

Today, I use my routines to make my mental and physical wellbeing a top priority.

Self-Reflection Questions on How to Have a Healthy Routine:

What is my most productive routine?

Why is this routine so successful?

What is one healthy routine I can start practicing today?

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