Power of Mindset

The power of mindset is amazing! Positive thoughts and attitudes can change your mood and help you reach your goals faster. A strong belief system can make you unstoppable!

Mindset is everything. It’s the difference between success and failure, happiness and misery.

If you believe you can do something, you’ll find a way to make it happen. If you don’t believe in yourself, you’ll find an excuse not to try.

Mindset is frequently a choice. You can choose to think positively. Download a FREE Power of Mindset Printable at the bottom of this post.

Can You Change Your Mindset?

One of the most pervasive myths about mindset is that it’s static; that is, you either have a fixed or growth mindset and it doesn’t change. Not only is this myth wrong, but it can be dangerous, as it belies the potential for human change and personal development.

Many individuals who believe this also think that people have a good or bad fixed or developing mindset, and the latter is worse. Both of these myths are also untrue.

Not only is your mindset changeable, but it changes throughout your life, sometimes rapidly, and sometimes slowly. You’ve probably never noticed it changing before; it’s hard to notice something happening inside you!

The Ratio of a Fixed and Growth Mindset

Everyone’s mindset is a combination of fixed and growth mindsets, and it’s the ratio of these two that changes throughout life. You can become more or less open to risk, more or less believing in the power of hard work and dedication to reach goals, more or less convinced that intelligence or morality are inborn versus developed attributes. These are just examples -every aspect of your mindset is equally open to change.

What Drives the Power of Mindset?

What drives these changes in your mindset? The experiences you have in life are the primary reason, and how your mindset shifts is due to your personality. The same experience will have different effects on different people. Most people shift more towards a growth mindset as they go through life, but there are exceptions. Trauma and other negative events can push people towards having more of a fixed mindset.

All of this is assuming that all the changes your mindset undergoes are unguided and happen naturally. You can also deliberately and consciously change your mindset. You can take the parts of your mindset that you don’t like and change them. Helping you do that is the purpose of this program.

How to Use the Power of a Positive Mindset

Positive mindset affirmations are among the most popular self-help techniques in the world. Slow down & turn your positive mindset on today.

Yes, the power of mindset is amazing, but how do you actually use it to improve your life?

The first step is to become aware of your thoughts and attitudes. Do you tend to think positively or negatively? Do you see the glass as half full or half empty? Pay attention to your inner dialogue for a week and see what kinds of things you say to yourself.

Next, start making a conscious effort to change your inner dialogue. If you catch yourself thinking something negative, stop and correct yourself. Replace the negative thought with a positive one. For example, instead of telling yourself “I can’t do this,” say “I can do this!”

It may feel strange at first, but keep at it and eventually it will become second nature.

Finally, start setting goals for yourself and taking action to achieve them. Having a positive mindset is great, but it won’t do much good if you don’t take action. Set your sights high and go after your dreams!

The power of mindset is incredible. Use it to your advantage and watch your life transform!

Deliberately changing your mindset isn’t easy, but it can be done. You pick one aspect of your mindset you would like to work on at a time -such as embracing challenges or working through frustration -and work on it with the help of aids such as affirmations, journaling, and meditation. When you’re satisfied with your progress in that area, you move on to the next.

Try using the power of yet from Carol Dweck and her concepts of a growth mindset.

Watch the Growth Mindset TED Talk

This Carol Dweck TED talk on Growth Mindset helps to further explain the importance of the power of yet.

Watch Carol Dweck again in this Power of Yet TED talk

Your Mindset Can Change

Don’t buy into the myth that mindset is static. Not only can it change, but it does change throughout your life, whether or not you purposefully try to change it. The power of mindset can change your life for the better. Why not guide these changes and help them along so that you can grow into the best possible version of yourself?


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