Mindfulness Poems

You may be wondering what mindfulness poems have to do with you. We’ll, everything! Mindfulness is not just some airy-fairy concept that has no relevance to our everyday lives. It’s actually a powerful way of orienting ourselves toward the present moment, providing inner peace, and gaining greater insight into our thoughts, feelings and behaviors. And mindfulness poetry can be a fun and creative way of incorporating mindfulness practices into your life. So whether you’re looking for ways to deal with stress or simply want to explore your creativity, mindfulness poems are definitely worth checking out! Add them to your meditation practice today.

You can download these poems to listen to on the go, in the car, while working out or simply relaxing.

Don’t Mind Me Mindfulness Poem

Don’t mind me I’m just passing through.

The present is enough for tonight.

I will stay here with you if you so wish, but tomorrow I must continue on my way.

You are not holding me back or keeping me down.

I’m simply enjoying the present for a little while and then I will move on.

You Can Do This Mindfulness Poem

One, two, three – open your eyes

Open your eyes to the outside world

No matter how difficult it is today

Stay in the present.

Stay alive.

Look at all that you have already conquered in life.

The path ahead may be difficult but you are not alone. 

You can do this.

You are alive.

How Good It Feels Mindfulness Poem

How good it feels to just be alive and how wonderful it is to have been given this life.

Take care of yourself, don’t get too overwhelmed.

Focus on what you have already done, not what you must yet do.

Remember how good it feels to breathe in and out.

Remember Mindfulness Poem

Remember that you are not alone and that we all fight this same battle against the darkness every day. you can do this, believe in you.

You don’t have to run so fast anymore, remember how good it feels to just be alive and how wonderful it is to have been given this life.

Remember how good it feels to breathe in and out, how wonderful it is to be alive and remember that you are not alone.

Take care of yourself and stay in the present.

Believe in you.

Don’t get overwhelmed; remember how good it feels to just be alive and how wonderful it is to have been given this life.

Take care of yourself, don’t get too overwhelmed, but keep going, you’re doing great.

You can do this.

Breathe In and Out Mindfulness Poem

Breathe in, breathe out.

Don’t think about tomorrow or yesterday just focus on the now.

Focus on your breathing.

You are doing this right now, so take care of yourself and remember to be kind to yourself because it is enough to simply exist.

You don’t have to do anything else but breathe for right now.

You are alive.

Focus on the present for now, don’t think about yesterday or tomorrow just breathe in and out. you can do this.

I am Mindful Poem

I am mindful.

I allow myself to just exist in the present, in this moment right now.

I have already done so much in my life that it feels good just to be alive and enjoy existing for a little while without feeling the need to do anything else.

I am mindful. I am alive. I am present.

Embrace Your Feeling Mindfulness Poem

Embrace your feelings because it is all part of you.

Allow yourself to experience the world.

The world is not always pleasant but it is there for you to embrace.

Allow yourself to feel angry or sad because these are simply feelings and it is okay to be human.

You are allowed to feel anything that you want to feel, so don’t let anyone tell you any different.

You deserve the right to exist without judgment, embrace your feelings.

You are alive.

You are present. 

Mindfulness poems can be a great way to help you focus on the present moment and get in touch with your feelings. They can also be a fun way to relax and de-stress. Try out these poems above to help get you started or write your own.


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