How to Make Smart Decisions

Do you struggle day to day making smart choices? Perhaps your doubt your decision making abilities. Learning how to make smart decisions can start with something as simple as having a more positive mindset and clear goals. Positive affirmations can also help get you started.

How to Make Smart Decisions

In order to learn how to make smart decisions and choices, you need to have:

  1. set goals and consistency.
  2. strong morals and values to base your decisions on.
  3. a support system to bounce solutions off of.
  4. clear picture of the pros and cons regarding the outcomes of your decisions.
  5. patience and courage to make the right choice.

You can begin today and work on making smarter decisions on a daily basis. Find a quiet space to read and reflect on the positive affirmations below.

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Positive Affirmations – I Make Smart Decisions

I make effective decisions because I know what I want to accomplish.

My actions are based on the things I want to achieve in my life. By having clear goals, I can make decisions that support the achievement of those goals.

A decision that brings me closer to accomplishing my goals is always a smart decision.

I know that it is easier to avoid a mistake than to correct one. Therefore, I choose my actions carefully and thoughtfully.

I consider the potential long-term consequences of my actions before I make a final decision. Considering the long-term effects of a decision is intelligent. I am an intelligent person that makes great decisions.

I consider my values before making any decision. Decisions that are counter to my values are later regretted.

It is important that I make choices that are in line with my highest values.

I make decisions that increase my self-respect.

I avoid making decisions that I later regret.

I choose to live according to my beliefs and values and make my decisions accordingly.

Today, I am determined to only make wise decisions.

I consider my goals and values before choosing a course of action.

I am making progress today through choosing my actions intelligently and carefully. I make smart decisions.

Self-Reflection Questions to Help You Learn How to Make Smart Decisions:

What are the biggest mistakes I have made? What impact did those poor decisions have on my life? Why did I make those decisions?

What is the biggest decision facing me right now? What is the smartest choice I can make?

If I made my decisions more intelligently and carefully, what would the impact be on my life?

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