Financial Freedom Affirmations

The most common reason people fail to reach their financial goals is that they don’t take action. They tell themselves they’ll start saving next month, or next year, or once a certain milestone is reached. But procrastination can be expensive in the long run. Start taking action with these financial freedom affirmations to change your mindset today.

You see it all the time — people setting financial goals and not reaching them. In fact, only 8% of Americans have enough savings to cover a $500 emergency expense! The reason is simple: if you don’t believe you can reach your goals, you won’t. Now, imagine how much more effective achieving your financial freedom would be if it didn’t require massive amounts of effort and willpower. By using positive affirmations, it doesn’t!

Find a quite location to read and reflect the positive affirmations below to help you reach your financial goals. When you are done here, try these money affirmations and affirmations for abundance of money.

Financial Freedom Affirmations to Read and Reflect

One of my main goals in life is achieving financial freedom. I excitedly look forward to the day when I have all my finances under full control. I am on the path to financial freedom. I control money. Money does not control me.

Each day brings a new opportunity to make responsible decisions about money. I treat financial wellness with the same importance as other daily priorities. I structure cues to remind me that I am committed to being a wise spender and saver.

My main strategy is to decide whether something is a want or need. Before spending a cent, I ask myself questions about the purpose of the purchase.

When I determine that something is a want, I avoid making the purchase. I know that it is important to make myself happy. But I also know that something for my happiness still has the same effect when I purchase it later on. I can use money to create a better life.

I can create effective, daily habits to assist me to reach my financial goals. I track my expenses and budget my money.

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I am also committed to only acquiring what I am able to buy with cash. I avoid using credit cards when I am unable to repay them. My debt does not control me.

Every dollar saved helps me to get further down the path of financial freedom. I can become financially free. I am excited to control my finances and to keep me on the right path.

Today, I acknowledge that the path to financial freedom is sometimes challenging. But I am dedicated to keeping it as smooth as possible. My strategies for staying on the right side of debt are effective enough to guide me. I am on the path to financial freedom.

Self-Reflection Questions following the Financial Freedom Affirmations:

How do I convince myself to avoid making emotional purchases?

How do I get back on track when I lose my financial wellness bearings?

What are some strategies I can use for clearing old debt?

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