Forgive Myself for Past Mistakes

The key to forgiving yourself for your past mistakes is first and foremost understanding that everyone makes them. Not just you, but everyone. Everyone has made a mistake at some point in their life. It’s part of the human condition to make mistakes. We all do it, we all have done it and we will all continue to do it. The ability to forgive myself for past mistakes is something I am working on very hard right now.

If you are a mother, perhaps you can relate to having frequent bouts of motherhood guilt. I replay mistakes I made as a parents over and over in my head, especially in the middle of the night. I am working on forgiving myself for these past mistakes and focusing more in the present.

Whether it be a time I lost my temper and screamed about something ridiculous or repeated mistakes of using harsh, destructive, words in an argument with a teenager, I need to learn how to forgive myself for past mistakes better. This positive affirmation has helped me get started in the right direction.

Positive Affirmation – I forgive myself for past mistakes.

I might be imperfect, but I am still amazing. I am free of the need to be perfect. I am comfortable with making mistakes.

I make mistakes because I am brave and willing to try new things. I am committed to living my life to the fullest and that means that mistakes are made. My happiness is more important than being hurt and dwelling in the past.

All humans make mistakes, and I am a human. I avoid expecting myself to be anything other than human.

I learn from my mistakes and put the information I learn to good use. In this way, I can see that mistakes can be helpful. I treat myself with patience and understanding.

Whether a mistake is helpful or unhelpful, I forgive myself for it. Letting go of all of my mistakes with ease is important. I am capable of healing.

Releasing myself from any guilt, shame, or embarrassment related to my previous mistakes is very freeing. I am able to let go any negative feelings related to any mistake I have ever made.

Today, I am doing my best to avoid making any major mistakes. I am a good person. However, it is okay if I do make mistakes. I can forgive myself quickly and move on with my day. I am acting bravely today without any fear of the mistakes I might make.

Self-Reflection Questions after the I Forgive Myself Affirmation:

What has happened in the past that I need to forgive myself for?

What would my life look like if I forgave myself for every mistake I have made?

Do I forgive others easily? Would I forgive myself more easily if I regularly forgave others?


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