​​How To Write Manifestations

Writing manifestations can be a way to achieve your goals and realize positive change in your life. It only takes a few steps to learn how to write manifestations.

However, how do you write manifestations? In this article, we will detail a step-by-step process to write your manifestations.

What Are Manifestations?

The Law of Attraction states that if you remain focused on positive thoughts and your dreams then this will draw positive energy and results into your life.

In contrast, negative thoughts will attract negative energy. 

​​How To Write Manifestations

Manifestations are a way of focusing your positive thoughts and energy on obtainable goals.

By writing down your dreams and focusing your thoughts on those goals, you can bring them into reality through positive thought, visualizations, and meditation.

How To Write Manifestations

If you want to begin writing manifestations to help improve your life and outlook but don’t know where to start, just follow these simple steps.

1. Have a Dedicated Manifestation Notebook

You can write your manifestations anywhere you want to, but we prefer to have a dedicated notebook or journal just for manifestations.

Making a dedicated and exclusive space just for manifestations can get you into the right frame of mind to write them.

It will also help you separate manifestations from other things you might want to write about, such as journal entries or affirmations.

Choose a journal that appeals to you with a calming and aesthetically pleasing cover.

2. Calm Your Mind

Approaching your manifestations with the right headspace is essential.

Meditation is ideal for this and it doesn’t need to be a long meditation to be effective.

We usually meditate for around five minutes before beginning to write any manifestations as this helps to clear the mind and release any negative thoughts or resistance to the process.

If you approach your manifestations with a calm and clear mind, it will be easier to focus on what you desire and how to obtain them.

3. Imagine Your Manifestations Have Been Achieved

After you’ve cleared your mind through meditation, begin to imagine what life would be like if your dreams and desires were achieved.

Allow yourself to become excited about the possibilities and details of what these successes would look and feel like.

You don’t have to have concrete images or pathways at this point, just enjoy what might happen. Let the visualizations flow and enjoy them.

4. Write Down What You Imagined

With the images of your dreams fulfilled still fresh in your mind, pick up a pen and begin to write in your manifestation journal.

Try not to think about what you’re writing about in too much detail and just let the words flow as they want to.

You may have heard of the term “automatic writing” and this is a form of automatic writing.

You allow your subconscious to take over instead of deliberating over every word.

If you find this difficult or lose your train of thought, don’t worry.

Simply pause your writing, close your eyes, and take a few moments to think about the fulfillment of your dreams once more.

Try to recapture the excitement and energy and when you can, begin writing again.

It may take several attempts or sessions to fully flesh out your visions and that’s quite common.

Don’t worry if you’re not able to capture or remember everything in one go.

Any important details of your visualizations that you didn’t remember the first time will surely surface again in future sessions.

5. Create A Manifestation List

​​How To Write Manifestations

You can then use your automatic writing to form a more concrete and easy-to-read list of manifestations.

ou may be more familiar with this style of writing manifestations as they are usually short sentences that start with “I want…”

You can write as many as you need to and they can be as broad or as specific as you need them to be. 

Here are some examples of a manifestation list.

  1. I want to buy a house
  2. I want to buy a house by the ocean
  3. I want my business to be successful
  4. I want my business to double its profits by next year
  5. I want to attract a partner
  6. I want to attract an adventurous partner to travel with

As you can see, this list has both very broad examples and more specific ones. 

Choose one item from your list and concentrate on manifesting it. It’s best to take them one at a time as this will increase your chances of success.

6. Remind Yourself Of Your Goals

To increase your chances of achieving your goal, you need to revisit it and keep it fresh in your mind.

Successful manifestations are frequently thought of so make sure to check your manifestation list regularly.

As well as keeping your list in your manifestation journal, you can post reminders around your house.

Write out your list and display it in your kitchen, bedroom, or office so that you repeatedly think about your goals and are inspired by them.

7. Revisit Your Successes

Once you’ve finished capturing your current manifestations, take a look back at what you’ve already accomplished.

Think about what aspects of your current life you enjoy and what you are appreciative of.

If you already have captured manifestations in the past, you may find that many of the positive aspects of your current situation were originally only manifestations.

Seeing this development from manifestation to reality can encourage you in your future manifestations. 

Final Thoughts

The information in this article is just one way to write manifestations but it isn’t the only one.

There is no right or wrong way to keep a manifestation journal or to write a manifestation list, but the steps and hints in this article can help you make a start when you don’t know how to.

By following these steps, you will learn to focus your energy and gather positive energy.

These are two of the most important steps to writing manifestations that will come true.

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