How Do I Know My Destiny – Reflect and Affirm

How do I know my destiny? Wow! That is a huge question right? Sometimes we can feel lost or confused about where we are headed. Self-reflection and positive affirmation can help guide you along the path of life. Even when your path feels uneasy, you can be certain.

You can use this FREE positive affirmation to help guide you. The mantra is I determine my destiny.

How Do I Know My Destiny Positive Affirmation

I determine my destiny.

I no longer wait for signs from the world that I am going to be okay. I determine my fate. I am the commander of my own life. I pick up the flag of my destiny and charge forth. Even in these uncertain times, I can be certain about myself.

I can stand tall. I can think my own thoughts. I can determine how I want to feel. I can choose my own reality.

I take up the banner of self-determination. I lead the charge. I bravely go in the direction that my highest wisdom points me toward.

I realize that these are the times that I have prepared for. I have done my due diligence. I have worked on my personal mastery my whole life. I have read all the books. I have taken all the courses.

Now is the time for me to act. I feel the fire within. I can no longer contain my passion for liberty. I see the way forward toward justice for all.

I see the bigger picture. I take seriously the threats to my personal freedoms. I feel the power of my pioneer heritage. I honor the sacrifices of those who fought for the freedoms I enjoy today. I uphold my divine will for happiness, peace, and freedom of choice.

I am grateful for my impeccable integrity. I am thankful for my inner strength. I refuse to live in fear of the future. I know that I create my own fate.

Today, I take the first step and courageously stride forward to my destiny.

Self-Reflection Questions:

Reflect and modify your affirmations as needed to help clarify the answer to your question: how do I know my destiny:

What can I do to solidify my inner strength and determination?

How can I show myself that I determine my fate?

How do I express to the world what is important about securing our freedoms?

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