Being Patient with Yourself

No one is usually an overnight success right? It takes time and patience for all of your hard work to pay off for you to achieve success. But what is this thing we call “success”? The dictionary defines it as “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose” and there’s certainly more than one way to do that. So what does success look like? What does it feel like? What does it sound like? While you’re working on becoming a more positive self, try this affirmation for being patient with yourself to keep your eyes on your goals — a successful YOU!

Personally, being patient is one of the things I find most difficult in life. Growing up in the NYC metropolitan area, impatience is in your blood. When I got married we moved to upstate NY, where everyone moves at a slower pace. It is great when you want a less fast paced life, but very hard to adjust to so my impatience shows through on a daily basis. BUT, I am a work in progress just like everyone else so I keep trying again with a fresh start each morning.

Strategies to Try

Here are two strategies to try to jump start being patient with yourself and others.

Patient/Impatient List

Make a list of the things that you are impatient about. Things that you can’t stand the wait for and are easily frustrated by. For example, people who drive slow in the fast lane and having to wait in line at the cash register. Now make a list of things that you aren’t impatient about. It could be waiting for your child to grow up, or waiting for your business to take off and succeed. The object is not to get rid of impatience but rather shift it into a positive place. Have patience with yourself while building your business!

Positive Affirmations

Have you ever tried using positive affirmations to help you to reach a goal? Affirmations are short; positive “I am” statements that call you into an intentional way of being.  They should be accompanied by a visual image and inspire visceral sensations.   When you use an affirmation, you should experience yourself as you are declaring. You can read more about them here.

The positive affirmation below helps me to refocus and be patient. Find a quiet place to read and reflect this positive affirmation.

Positive Affirmation – Being Patient with Yourself

I am patient with myself and others. I continue to practice patience with myself and others daily. I monitor my thoughts to ensure that I am saying kind words both aloud and in my head.

I monitor my emotions and watch to see when I become impatient with myself and others. I take a breath when I see that I am becoming impatient. This calms me down and gives me a moment to remind myself to be patient.

I give myself plenty of time and space to be patient with others. I take my time to enjoy each day. I know life is a journey not a race.

I am starting to see my patterns of behavior. I notice when I get out of balance with my thoughts and emotions. I pull myself back into alignment. I breathe again more slowly.

I notice old, unsupportive beliefs coming up from time to time. I take the time to reframe those beliefs into more positive beliefs. I smile and take another breath.

Love is patient. I choose to see others through the eyes of love. I choose to see myself through the eyes of love.

I recognize that I could do even better. I see now that this is an ongoing practice. I breathe once more as I accept where I am at and vow to practice patience once again.

Today, I feel my power of patience increasing with each breath. I remain calm and feel grateful for the patience that I have worked so hard to develop.

Self-Reflection Questions following the Affirmation Being Patient with Yourself

How could I show more patience with myself?

How could I show more patience toward others?

Where in my life could I experience more patience?

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