Affirmations for Overcoming Fear

Do you let your doubts and fears hold you back? Do you avoid taking risks because you are scared of the possible outcomes? Everyone occasionally is fearful or uneasy about things in their lives. When these negative, fearful thoughts enter your mind, you can try positive affirmations for overcoming fear and anxiety.

Find a quiet place to read and reflect with these positive affirmations below.

Positive Affirmations for Overcoming Fear – I free myself from fear.

I refuse to let my doubts hold me back. I build my self-confidence.

I adopt a growth mindset. I give myself credit for making an effort. I think positive and focus on solutions.

I continue learning and strengthening my skills.

I free myself from fear.

I face challenges head on. I feel the fear and do it anyway.

I grow calmer and more resilient each time I move ahead. I am stronger than I think.

I focus on what I have to gain. I take worthwhile risks. I choose to replace my fears and worries with peaceful, positive thoughts.

I give myself a pep talk. I recognize my talents and achievements. I think about obstacles I have overcome in the past.

I remember that I am capable and wise. I can handle anything that comes my way.

I seek support. I build healthy relationships based on give and take. I ask others for assistance.  I look for friends and partners who complement my strengths.

I start out small and work my way up. Beating a small fear prepares me for bigger tests.

I view myself with compassion. I empathize with my struggles and treat myself gently when I feel vulnerable.

I embrace my emotions while choosing to make rational decisions that promote my overall wellbeing.

Today, I conquer my fears. I deal with doubts constructively and trust in my abilities. I take action and keep moving toward my goals. I free myself from fear.

Self-Reflection Questions following the Affirmations for Overcoming Fear:

What are the positive aspects of fear?

How can I relax my body when I feel anxious?

What is one thing I can do today that seems scary and rewarding?

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The 15 minute Audio Guided Mediation for Anxiety Relief MP3 - It Comes and Goes will help you to relieve anxiety naturally using meditation and other relaxation techniques.

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